Upcoming listing of ELMARK on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia

Leading European provider of electricity and lighting solutions ELMARK is planning an initial public offering (IPO). The listing will be on the BEAM market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The event will take place on 22.02.2023.

ELMARK is listed on the BEAM market with the aim of increasing the image and credibility of the Group, as well as preparing for a new stage of growth by expanding financing opportunities, including by increasing capital through the BEAM market.

“The business concept always wins if you put your customers’ needs first. In order for the company to make a profit, its customers must also make a profit. I believe that the same applies to investors in a publicly traded company – they must earn in order for the company to earn.” – Zhelez Georgiev, CEO and owner, ELMARK INVEST

Attention is great due to the well-established and well-known trademark, the company’s strong positions on the Bulgarian market, as well as in a number of European countries.