LED Profiles, Acoustic lighting fixtures and baffles

Light is one of the most important space-shaping elements.
Therefore it is worth to consider the quality of the selected lighting fixtures.
Find out more about our LED Profiles, Acoustic lighting fixtures and acoustic panels.


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LED profiles are innovative solution of lighting that is functional and decorative at the same time. They emit high quality light and have compact form, also are matching with contemporary furniture, enable a multitude of arrangements. The LED profiles can be connected in order to achieve the lighting line of the desired length. They are energy-efficient and give opportunity to achieve a astonishing lighting effect in any interior.  According to the latest trends they are one of the most commonly used lighting solutions not only in the home but also in various commercial premises, restaurants, offices and others.  They give a modern and distinctive style to the room in which they are placed. They are designed for surface and built-in mounting also there are available LED profiles for pendant mounting.

Acoustic panels and acoustic lighting fixtures are an innovative and at the same time attractive way to reduce the noise pollution of the room. They have the ability to absorb sounds and in combination with the proper light create an extremely pleasant atmosphere for work improve speech intelligibility and communication. Unlike acoustic wall panels, these do not take up space in the room, they are easy to install and can be placed in smaller rooms. Acoustic sound panels find application in many work and office spaces, conference and presentation halls, meeting rooms, retails, institutional buildings. They can be mounted on the ceiling in rows or columns. Available in three colours.

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