Frequency inverters ELM 2000
Frequency inverters ELM 2000




High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP-technology - ready for V/Hz, SENSORLESS

VECTOR, CLV and PMM motor control - intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy setup


Flexible inverter control, dual high resolution analogue inputs, free mappable digital I/O channels


Ready for all commonly used fieldbus systems


Universal function-set for all kind of industrial and residential applications, including integrated

PID/pump controller routines


Smart PC-tools, for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting. Parameter-duplication stick


Brake chopper integrated



  • Power range:

-0,4……400 kW


  • Power input:

-Rated input voltage- 1-Phase 220V~240V~±15%); 3-Phase 380V-460V (+/-)15%

-Input frequency- 44….67 Hz


  • Motor output:

-Output frequency- 0-650 Hz

-Frequency resolution- 0,01 Hz

-Overload capability- 150% - 60 sec. / 10 min


  • Control mode:

-Motor control algorithm- V/Hz-SpaceVector, SLV-SENSORLESS VECTOR,Torque/Speed control

-mode CLV-Closed loop vector,Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

-Chopper frequency- 0.8…16 kHz (fixed / random)

-V/Hz curve- Linear, exponential, and user-programmable curve

-Starting torque- 150% rated torque at 0,5 Hz (in SLV Mode)

-Torque compensation- Automatic / Manual

-Motor data input- Manual, from nameplate / AUTOTUNING

-Control range- 1:100 in SLV mode,1:1000 in CLV mode,1:20 in PMSM mode

-Speed precision +/- 0,5% (SLV),+/- 0.02% (CLV)

-Torque precision +/- 5% (SLV)

-DC-Brake- User programmable functions

-Brake chopper- Chopper transistor integrated (up to 90 kW)


  • Display:

-7 segment, 4 characters

-Config-Parameters and -value, programmable to display various working parameters


  • I/O Channels and control functions:

-Inverter control- Via terminals / Keypad / Serial link (or combination of all)

-Digital inputs- 6 (8) Dig. inputs (NPN-PNP selectable) pulstrain-input

-Speed reference input- Potentiometer (on keypad unit, external), analogue signal (terminals),

-keypad, internal programmable value, pulsetrain, serial link

-Analogue channels- analogue channels - 12 BIT: 0…10V, 0...5V, -10V...0...10V, 0..(4)20 mA,

-all free scalable in gain and offset, and mathematically concatenable

-Analogue outputs- 2 analogue outputs, programmable in gain and function (0…10V, 0(4)..20 mA)

-Digital outputs- 2 digital outputs (free mapping to different functions)

-Relais output- 1 switchover contact 3A 250VAC/30VDC (programmable assignment)

-Data link- Serial link RS 485 (MODBUS)

-Special functions- 24V / 50 mA auxiliary power supply on terminals, 10V potentiometer power

-supply, 5V/100 mA power supply on modbus connector Simple PTC / KLIXON motor protection


  • Protection:

-Electrical- Overvoltage, undervoltage

-Overcurrent, overload, motor-overload, output short-circuit

-Thermal- Heatsink overtemperature, I²xt motorprotection


  • Operating conditions:

-Protection class IP20

-Working temperature -10+50 °C

-Humidity- 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing, non-corrosive

-Altitude- 1000 m, above 1% derating / 100m

-Vibration- Max. 0,5 g


Documents corresponding to the product:

Standard EN61800-3




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