Voltmeter/Amperemeter EKDP 15 A/V





Technical characteristics EKDP 15 A/V

 - Power supply voltage: 100-240V, 50Hz
- Adjusted to measure:
    direct current (AD,DV) values
    alternating current (AA,VA) values
- Input signal:
    Operating as voltmeter : 2-700V (the range is adjusted from inside)
    Operatind as amperemeter: 5-2000А (the range is adjusted from inside)

Note: At current range over 5A a current measurement transformer should be used

 - Consumption:< 5VА
- Surge voltage wear resistance: 4000V, 50Hz (1 min)
- Operating temperature: -5 - + 50°С
- Humidity: 35 - 85%RH
- Accuracy: 0.5% from the whole scale
- Display: LCD

- DIN rail

EN 61010-1